What is HydroSeeding?

What is HydroSeeding?

HydroSeeding is a process in which a slurry containing seed, a fibre mulch,  fertilizer and a tackifier is sprayed onto the ground in a uniform layer.  It is a very cost effective alternative to sod and has many advantages over the traditional process of broadcasting or sowing dry seed.

How does it work?

The nutrient rich slurry helps promote germination, the mulch provides cover and helps retain moisture, the special fertilizer promotes root growth and the tackifier in the mix acts like a glue to hold everything in place and to help prevent washout in the case of a heavy rain.  The grass seed blend options are endless.  Options include grass seed blends optimized for full  shade to full sun, blends designed for sports fields, horse pastures, wildlife food plots, wildflowers, native grasses, roadside ditches and erosion control.


Advantages of HydroSeeding over Broadcast Seeding

  • Quicker Germination
  • Thanks to the mulch, better moisture retention
  • Areas susceptible to erosion that are difficult to dry seed are now easily seeded
  • Soil is held in place better than dry seeding

Advantages of HydroSeeding over Sod

If you have a show home and it needs to have a lawn tomorrow, there is no advantage.  However, if you are willing to wait just a little, the advantages are as follows:

  • Sod quality lawn in a few weeks for less than half the cost
  • Hydroseeding requires a lot less water to establish
  • HydroSeeding grows a lawn in your soil and is not a transplant of shocked plants with very short roots.
  • The “sod did not take” problem is eliminated
  • As the roots go into real soil faster and further, your lawn will be more drought resistant

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