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Lawn Revitalization

Winnipeg Hydroseeding offers overseeding services with a slit seeder. 

There are many reasons to overseed:

  • Replace existing grass varieties with superior ones
    • increase drought tolerance
    • improve wear tolerance
    • improve shade tolerance
  • Revitalize a lawn with new plants
  • Thicken the lawn to choke out weeds
  • Fill in winter kill and bare spots

There is no need to kill off existing grass as the old grass can be suppressed with mowing and the new grass will take over. With our method the seeder cuts “slits” into your lawn and deposits seeds into these slits. As the slit seeder goes over your lawn, it is dethatched, and reseeded on one step. Your lawn remains usable and no weed seeds have been added. Just add water and wait.

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