We have three Finn T330 hydroseeders (3,300 Gallons) and plenty of experience on major commercial projects and the unique requirements of each project. This includes soil erosion products, native seed blends and Engineered Soil Media.

What is a Engineered Soil Media?

It is a topsoil alternative that is designed to bring depleted soils back to life. It is an engineered growing media with key soil building components. It can be used as follows:

  • To replace soil in areas where it is difficult to obtain topsoil
  • Replace compost, non-renewable peat, manure and other sources of organic material
  • Assist in the development of soils with low organic matter (<5%)

Why do we like to use ProGanics?

We like using ProGanics as no other Biotic Soil Amendment (BSA) products performs like ProGanics when it comes to establishing sustainable vegetation, both in percent cover (twice the cover of next best

BSA) and total biomass (three times greater than next best BSA). The PDF brochure has additional details and contact information on this Research Trial.

We also like it because it is:


  • Renewable  – unlike the peat moss (a non-renewable mined product) in some of the competitive products, the majority of the fibres in ProGanics are renewable wood and bark fibers, byproducts of the furniture industry.
  • Thermally Refined, Phyto-sanitized – unlike some competitive products, ProGanics is guaranteed weed free and pathogen free. In bio-sensitive areas this is especially important. We are sometimes asked to pressure wash our equipment to ensure that no weed seeds are transported with our equipment. Hydroseeding mulches and Biotic Soil Media be should not be exempted from this requirement to be weed and pathogen free.
The ProGanics product brochure describes the product as follows:

“ProGanicsTM Biotic Soil MediaTM (BSMTM) is engineered to provide a balanced formulation of soil-building media that contributes to both rapid and sustained vegetation establishment while complementing performance of hydraulic and rolled erosion control products.”

“The ProGanics patent-pending, non-toxic formulation has been innovated using time-proven components from the horticultural and erosion control industries.”

Key ingredients include:

  • Renewable Thermally Refined® Bark and Wood Fibers—to provide organic matter, high moisture retention and maximum coverage; phyto- sanitized to eliminate weed seeds and pathogens
  • Biochar—derived from pyrolysis of renewable wood sources (heating under high temperatures)—to create stable, porous particles that demonstrate a high Cation Exchange Capacity and a high ability to hold water and nutrients, while providing prime habitat for beneficial bacteria and fungi
  • Cross-Linked Polysaccharide Biopolymers—to increase water-holding capacity, viscosity and bond strength of the media matrix
  • Proprietary Formulation of Fast-Acting and Sustained Release Soil Building Components Containing Seaweed Extract, Humic Acid and Endomycorrhizae—have been proven under demanding conditions in a wide variety of environments

The photo is an example of grass growing on a ditch bank where Proganics was used as a replacement
for topsoil.

For further information on this product, please download the product brochures:

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